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"The varying emotion is essential to complete us as special human beings,
and we are here to feel through and relive it with moving pictures"

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About Me

Videographer. Colorist. Video Artist. 
Anson is a college graduate in Communications from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2019, and is keen to explore and visualize different emotions in the art of moving pictures. He believes that emotion is the essence of how human beings experience and make sense of our lives. Anson genuinely sees the powerfulness of video to help audiences reminiscing about their past and reliving different moments, which is the core of his works.
Anson has extensive production experience in Hong Kong and the United States, ranging from filming narratives, documentaries, online media content to coloring commercial works. He has been working as a freelance videographer and colorist, and making different short narratives for creative inspirations. His first short and graduation film 'Roundabout' was selected as Honorary Mention in Sundance Film Festival 2019 Hong Kong. 
Anson Cheng Visuals (ACV) is established in 2020 for the creative mission, and Anson creates this platform to share his works and related stories. He is currently looking for creative collaborations to enrich his experience. Click the website logo for learning the brand ideas, or email for details or project collaborations.
Résumé is available upon request.



Awards & Recognitions

'Roundabout' (2019) | 13'

Director, DP, Colorist

Sundance Film Festival 2019 Hong Kong

Official Selection | Honorary Mention


'Sketches' (2018) | 19'

Director of Photography (DP)

London International Motion Picture Awards 2019

Official Selection | Finalist


London Independent Film Awards 2019

Official Selection | Semi-Finalist


London City Film Awards 2018

Shortlisted Video

Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2018

LGBT Video

Outstanding Achievement Award (Short film category)

Outstanding Achievement Award (LGBT film category)

Romania Short To The Point 2018

Narrative Selection


Highlighted Achievements


ABI Inclusive Scholarship

ArtBound Initiative (ABI)

Selected intern with strong work qualifications and interests

(Read the interview here)


University Honors and College Dean's List

Moody College of Communication, The University of Texas at Austin

Academic distinction of outstanding grade-point-average (GPA)


Alumni Association Scholarship

School of Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Top student of the year in academic performance & creative production


2016 & 2017

UA Cinemas Creative Media Scholarship

UA Cinema Circuit Limited

Outstanding student in academic studies and creative media productions


The Chinese University of Hong Kong

B.S.Sc. (Social Science) in Journalism and Communication - Creative Media Stream

First Class Honours


The University of Texas at Austin

Communication Studies (Radio-Television-Film) - Cinematography, VFX, 3D Animation

GPA 4.0

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