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Wrapping up my first coloring job experience - CUHK JLM Branding Project

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Screen captures of 'hero frames' of some interviews

So... this has come to the end of the 10-interview project. Everything was dated back to last October and it is considerably slow - it's fair when we take into account the fact that COVID has been really bad and it really slows down everything, plus some alumni were out of town so we had to change the interviewees here, but I did enjoy the time to experience, practice and polish these images. So not many tips here for this post and it's more about my thoughts of the project.

Some B-rolls of CUHK School of Journalism and Communication

Okay, here's the fundamental question. What's this project about? The School has basically been rebranding for prospective students. In order to advise what the programme is about, we are invited to produce the series of interview videos and share different roles and experiences by 10 of our alumni who have been graduated less than 10 years, from news reporting to multimedia production to academic researches. They're considered to be the young generations perceived by potential students. So, that's how 10 videos are created for this mission.

Some close-ups of our alumni

This is my first official coloring work after I was back from the States completing my color internship. I had been ill since December 2019 and was recovering during my time for half a year, and thankfully I had enough time to work this out. This is a fun start-up project and here's a shout-out to Fitz Suen (@fisualHK) for having me color the project. It really helps to build my skills and mindset of how a colorist sees things and works systematically, from organizing my nodes to bringing out different details in the picture. I will try to upload some node-trees in the next post (here) and you get to compare how my workflow has been evolving.

Side-by-side comparison of setting the look (before/after). Check out some #QuizWork stories on my Instagram ( and you can make a guess of adjustments I made in some shots.

This project has 10 interviews which each style is set according to the background and job of the interviewee, so the style varies from one to another, which is fun (and challenging) to think about this idea of making 10 unique looks! If there's time I may share some useful online materials for any colorist beginners (mostly on YouTube - like Avery Pack or Goat's Eye View...). Stay tuned for it!

What this project means most is that I am starting my first paid job for my department at college (i.e. the School)! It feels weirdly satisfying as in how the school nurtures us with a different mindset, and how we, as alumni, in return help to brand the school! It feels like you're building the frames of your home and how you're here to polish it. So proud to be one of the team and somehow I am sad to close this project. But you know what? We need to get one project done in order to welcome the other one! I have a spirit there will be more collaborations between the School and us ;)

In case you want to know more about the production details, we don't have a big budget for hiring professionals and we are mostly teamed-up with alumni. Special thanks to the School for any equipment support. We have the shootings done with two BMPCC 6K, one BMPCC 4K and one A7III. Scenes were lit with Aputure 300D. Shout out to the brilliant team here and please go check their work out!

  • Director: Fitz Suen (@FisualHK, COMM/2016)

  • Camera | Lighting: Mac Chau (@macccchau), Sam Tam (@sam.t_fotoncine, COMM/2018), Patrick Wai (@patrickwai, COMM/2020)

  • Camera assistant | Color: Anson Cheng (, COMM/2019)

  • Art | Production assistant: Circle (@woncircle, COMM)

  • Sound: To (COMM)

As always, more than welcome for collaboration. Feel free to drop me a message/email if you have any thoughts in your head. Should never let the idea stop and let's get it (them) executed.

Hope to see you in the near future!

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